Community Initiatives

Lots of Socks for Emili Aregak Center

June 17, 2021

Therapists for Armenia observed World Down Syndrome Day (March 21) and World Autism Awareness Day (April 2) by designing and selling one-of-a-kind Armenian Inclusion socks. The three arrows represent the three chromosomes of Down Syndrome and a rainbow infinity symbol represents the neurodiversity of Autism Spectrum Disorder. These images were adapted to create our own symbols of inclusion and Armenian pride. The socks and accompanying brochures were made in Armenia. As a result of this campaign, $750 was donated to Emili Aregak Center in Gyumri, a developmental center for children with disabilities, and 10 pairs of socks were donated to be sold at the Aregak Bakery, the first inclusive bakery in Armenia which employs people with disabilities. Socks are still for sale in the Merchandise section, if you are interested in our unique foot-warmers!

Activity Book for Children Impacted by War

February 24, 2021

During the Artsakh war, Therapists for Armenia created and donated 8,000 activity books for displaced children. Coloring is a very soothing activity and promotes development. It can improve coordination, visual skills, and concentration. Over 30 Armenian artists from around the world submitted their creations and occupational therapists converted the images into educational activities. This resulted in over 40 unique counting, cutting, and learning pages. After printing in Yerevan, books were donated to organizations providing humanitarian relief including Kooyrigs, Children of Armenia Fund, All for Armenia, and Armenian Relief Society, who delivered the books to families in need throughout Armenia and Artsakh.

Armenian Social Stories

February 22, 2021

Inclusion and accessibility are very important to us. We translated social stories by Autism Little Learners in order to help Armenians of all needs understand complex topics such as social distancing, remote learning, grief, and coping skills. You can go to our Community Resources section to download them!

COVID-19 Art Drive

February 19, 2021

Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in New Jersey was hit hard by COVID 19. Over 50% of their residents passed away in a matter of months. We launched a project asking for artwork to help decorate the walls and cheer up the residents. Dozens are Armenian artists responded! Artwork was rotated on a monthly basis to avoid overwhelming the residents. It brought smiles to many faces!

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