Therapists for Armenia

We are a group of volunteers from occupational, physical, and speech therapy backgrounds who strengthen rehabilitation and disability services in Armenia through inclusive, sustainable approaches. Our goals are to make international connections, strengthen service delivery, fight disability stigma, and help our Armenian communities thrive. Join us or donate to support our efforts!

*We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission for Therapists for Armenia (TFA) is to advance the fields of occupational, physical, and speech therapy, to promote inclusion of people with disabilities, and to foster well being within Armenian communities through education, collaboration, support, and advocacy.

We aim to shift societal perceptions and attitudes towards disability and rehabilitation within Armenian communities through sustainable, equitable, accessible, and evidence-based approaches.

Membership Form

If you are an occupational, physical, or speech  therapist/assistant/student and are interested in helping Armenian communities, please complete our membership form below!

Community Initiatives

TFA Members Host Professional Development Event in Yerevan

December 2, 2023

On December 1, two of our SLPs, Kristine Movsisian and Nathalie Halajian, presented on communication and visual supports for autistic children with the staff of the Autism National Fund and My Way Educational and Developmental Centre in Yerevan, Armenia. This hybrid event welcomes over 30 participants, with 25 attendees joining in person. This is part of a growing collaboration since 2022. This is the second webinar we have hosted in partnership with My Way. The attendees were very appreciative, and we look forward to further collaboration!

TFA Donates Close to 200 Rehab Supplies to Burn Center

November 16, 2023

We are proud to announce that Therapists for Armenia has sent another batch of burn rehab supplies this week to the National Burn Center! Thank you to those who donated thus far as well as those who are helping with transporting these items from the USA to Armenia.

This donation included:

  • 78 Compression gloves
  • 45 Compression socks
  • 10 Packs of silicone scar gel
  • 10 Post-surgery face masks
  • Shoulder abduction brace
  • Hinged knee brace
  • 2 Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)
  • Back Brace

To date we have sent close to 200 supplies with your support!

Armenian Language Rehab Resources for Artsakh Burn Victims

October 20, 2023

In addition to the donation of burn care supplies, we have also translated resources related to burn care rehabilitation including occupational and physiotherapy approaches, stretches, exercises, and scar massage techniques. These will help to maintain muscle integrity, increase range of motions, and decrease the appearance of scars.

These materials also help to increase access to rehabilitation support as there is only one physiotherapist in Armenia who specializes in burn care rehabilitation, and she works at the National Burn Center. All remaining patients being seen at other hospitals or clinics do not have access to rehabilitation services during their stay. With these handouts, they can still benefit from rehabilitation.

World Health Organization Armenia Rehabilitation national office has also commended us on our resources, stating that they will help to build capacity in this field. “Thank you for your dedication and unwavering support” – Zhanna Harutyunyan, World Health Organization (WHO) Armenia Rehabilitation National Professional Officer

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